Research Goal

We collaborate with CAS, OPEM, WATER to develop an environment sensing system for personalised and crowdsourced environmental fingerprinting.

In recent times, people have become concerned about their environmental conditions, amid deteriorating global statistics on bad air quality, global warming and UV light exposure. Conventional technologies for reading environmental conditions are expensive, bulky and situated, yet, people are mobile and need portable tools to be aware of their immediate environmental conditions on demand. Smartphones are now widely used, endowed with sensors and wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC) for external sensor connectivity, making smartphones a viable tool for fingerprinting the environment.

S3 : Simple Smart Sensor

The S3 system architecture

To achieve this goal, we developed S3 ( Simple Smart Sensor) , a two-tier system which consists of S3 Android application and an online dashboard with a data repository. The S3 Android application is used to collect and visualise environmental data; temperature, humidity, UV, ambient light with a smartphone and a credit card-size NFC powered sensor board. The sensor data is then periodically synced to the online MySQL server data repository using the AWARE data sync service. The sensor data can also be visualised on the AWARE dashboard.

The credit card sized NFC powered sensor board

S3: mobile application

The demo video presents an end to end use case of the S3 mobile application. The demo also shows a visualisation of sample environment data sensed with the S3 application and the NFC powered sensor card.

The S3 application can be downloaded from google play store

Landing page of the S3 app

Visualisation of Environment data

Guided installation and setup page

Help pages

Contextual information about environment data

Application preference settings