Community Instrumentation & Awareness

UBICOMP-CIA research group

Research agenda

Technology instrumentation is a core enabler to support future community and individual wellbeing. The mission of Community Instrumentation & Awareness (UBICOMP-CIA) research group is to promote innovative research in the area of quantitative and qualitative evaluation and analysis of technology-derived data to better understand and impact individual and social human behaviour in naturalistic settings. By considering all scales of use (i.e., communities, individuals), we are driven to create purposeful impact for global challenges in various areas of health, social, and human behaviour change. With international excellence and recognition, UBICOMP-CIA strives for interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration with several ongoing projects worldwide.

Latest news

  • Paper: accepted at CHI'20! You can find it here
  • Workshop: MEEC accepted at CHI'20! You can find it here